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Training for coaches and managers

Co-Active Coaching

CTI Co-Active Coaching Courses

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As I’m sure you know, there are many, many different companies, organisations and educational bodies offering training programmes for Life Coaches and I would advise anyone thinking of becoming a coach to thoroughly research their options before making a decision

I have trained and am now a trainer for The Coaches Training Institute (CTI)



The founders of CTI created a unique model of coaching which they call ‘Co-Active’ coaching. At the heart of this Co-Active model is a passionate belief in the fact that we do not have to do everything by ourselves – that by working co-actively, we create so much more for ourselves and for others

You can read all about this model in “Co-Active Coaching” by Laura Whitworth, Henry and Karen Kimsey-House and Phil Sandahl

This excellent book is now a ‘must read’ for all students of coaching regardless of which ‘school’ of coaching they join

What makes the CTI training so compelling for me is the excellence of their trainers and their commitment to learning through ‘hands on’ experience – it is a powerful combination that is respected throughout the profession. I am honoured and proud to have joined the ranks of trainers who can call themselves ‘CTI Leaders’




You can find full details on all the courses and programmes offered by CTI on their websites and for the UK




FUNDAMENTALS – An introduction to coaching that could change your life (it did mine!)

If you are just beginning to explore the world of coaching and what it has to offer, whether as a career option or as a new management skill – then CTI’s Fundamentals course is the one for you. In a 2 and a half day programme you will learn all the basic skills of coaching and experience for yourself the impact of the 3 fundamental principles of Co-Active Coaching – Fulfilment, Balance and Process. This course will leave you wanting more - guaranteed!


INTERMEDIATE PROGRAMME – The natural progression from Fundamentals for those who want more and intend to develop their coaching skills to the next level.

This experiential programme consists of 4 x 3 day modules which explore the Co-Active principles of Fulfilment, Balance and Process in detail. The programme culminates in a module called ’In The Bones’ which locks in all the learning of the previous 3 modules. Having completed the Intermediate programme you will have all the skills and hands on experience to feel confident to practice as a coach.



Having completed the Intermediate Programme, you may well want to take the next step towards achieving professional recognition. Certification is a 6 month intensive telephone based course which will significantly deepen your learning and experience of coaching. If you pass the exam (both written and oral) at the end of this rigorous programme you can proudly declare your qualification as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC).

For more information on all these and other courses go to the website – you’ll find all you need there including costs, programme dates and contact numbers to talk to CTI people who will be happy to answer any questions you may have

As a CTI Trainer, I am qualified to train in the Fundamentals and Intermediate programme, so if you sign up, we may well meet on one of these courses – if you want to talk to me about them just ring me on 07813 790186




I am a qualified trainer of the innovative and transformational 'Team Diagnostic' assessment tool. If you are responsible for a team and are looking for a way to really get the best out of them - then you should try this. Not only does it give you a picture of how your team is performing currently, it will give you the ability and skills to develop sustainable and significant improvements in their performance in the future.

This work is at the cutting edge of team training, so if you want to know more, give me a call and I'll happily talk you through how it works - you won't be disappointed!


Tony Barton (photo)
Tony Barton
CTI Leader

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