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Tony guided me to places in myself I didn’t know existed or possible to go to. I came through with a different view of myself and my place in the world. A far more confident, relaxed and happier place. Tony was Irritatingly effective……..i.e. got me out of own comfort zone and helped me challenge my set view of my myself and place in the world

Louis Della Porta

MD FirstHand Design


"Yes, its true Tony has been my coach for a year and a half now (maybe even 2).
He coaches me once or twice a month and has been invaluable to me in a number of areas.
Firstly he has helped me work out what is important to me.
Then what I want from life
Then how to get it.
All of this is key, but his biggest impact has been helping me with new perspectives when I have only one or have lost them altogether.
A coach, an ally, a friend.
Please give him a medal of mastery coaching or I'll make my own and give him it myself."

Chris Brown
Partner ?What If!

"Deciding on coaching and choosing to work with Tony has proved to be some of the best education of my life. With great focus and a lot of laughter, I've taken big steps forward! If there's even a grain in you that thinks that coaching with Tony could be the right step, follow your instinct, give it a go and see (for) yourself."

Georgie Higton

"I asked Tony Barton to be my coach through my certification journey, which started in September 2004. We speak three times a month on the telephone.
I had met Tony when he assisted on the Balance course (17-19 February 2004) and also attended a CTI Europe day where Phil Sandahl was the guest speaker. Tony and I got to do some group work that day.
When it came to finding a coach for certification, one of the reasons I asked Tony was because we had met and I had looked into his eyes and seen a man I like very much. He is passionate about coaching, and I wanted to be coached by someone with so much heart and commitment to our profession.

Tony’s style is thoughtful and calm, but very powerful. He has been very supportive during our coaching relationship, helping me banish my self-doubt and stay on track towards becoming a coach, but he has also been fearless in his challenges, and pushed me when I needed it. He can be provocative, direct, tough and gentle, and it is very obvious that he has my interests at heart. I feel I can tell him anything and don’t have to hide any part of myself from him. He has great instinct, both for what is going on with me right now, and what I need to get me moving forward.

In short, he’s a coach to recommend!"

Sue Buckle

"I chose Tony as my coach having had a number of sample sessions with other coaches. The standard of all these sessions were very high - I chose to work with Tony as I found him immediately easy to communicate with, immediately genuine and sincere (but not in a worthy smug type of way!) and immediately fun to work with. Tony has been coaching me for several months now, and all of this holds true.

If you are looking for a guru-type of coach who is going to tell you what to do and sort your life out for you, you're looking in the wrong place! However if you're looking for a coach who will fearlessly hold your agenda; support (and provoke!) you to work out your own answers; AND bring a a great sense of purposeful fun to coaching, you're definitely looking in the right place."

Cat Dean

"I truly believe that this type of coaching is the stuff we've all been aching for in this slightly mad world we live in. It allows you to draw breath and actually think straight - and most importantly encourages you to rediscover you."

Catherine Read
PA to Managing Director



Tony Barton (photo)
Tony Barton
CTI Leader

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