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What is coaching?

Private coaching

Corporate coaching

What kind of a coach am I? - what my clients say about me

Who are my ideal clients?


People come to coaching for lots of individual reasons.
They are motivated to achieve specific goals: to write a book, to start a business, to have a healthier body.
They come to coaching in order to be more effective or more satisfied at work.
They hire a coach because they want to create more order and balance

in their lives.
Sometimes people want more from life

– more peace of mind, more simplicity, more joy
– and sometimes they want less

- less confusion, less stress, less financial pressure.
In general they come to coaching because they want a better quality of life:
more fulfilment, better balance, or a different way to accomplish their life’s desires.

What’s your reason?

Imagine a relationship
Where the total focus is on YOU
On what YOU want in your life
And on what will help YOU achieve it
Now…read that again...but really slowly because this is what coaching is all about, a unique relationship that is all about you and what you want in your life




If you are interested in being coached privately I suggest the first thing you do is book up a sample session with me – it’s free and it’s a great opportunity for you to find out what being coached ‘feels’ like and how it works in practice – you are under no obligation to buy – and this way you will experience coaching rather than read about it

If you were to decide to go ahead – I would arrange an 'intake' session with you. This ‘intake’ or ‘discovery’ session usually lasts 2 hours and would provide us with the foundation for our coaching relationship – your goals, how we work together, expectations and commitments and a much better understanding of who you are and what’s important to you

We would then agree dates and times for our first 3 month’s sessions – typically this would be 3 x 40 minute telephone sessions per month

At the end of the 3 months we would review the achievements of the coaching and agree the best way to progress from there.

Whilst the ‘intake’ session can be carried out ‘face to face’, all other coaching sessions are usually telephone based


I charge £250 for the ‘Intake’ session and £300 per month for 2 hours coaching – taken in whatever combination of sessions suits you

I recognise that this is a significant investment for you.

Will it be worth it?
There's only one way to find out - and it really depends on how much YOU want to make changes in your life. My job as coach is to help you get clearer about what it is that 'makes you burn brightly' and to help you take the steps to start living the life you really want.

If you're ready to take those steps - then it will be worth far more than what I charge - it really is up to you.




Over the past two years I have worked with leadership teams from global companies such as Siemens and Vodafone - I love being able to use my combined 25 years of corporate experiencee together with my coaching and leadership skills - it is a powerful combination and I am confident that I add real value to the leaders I work with - these are exciting times.

I know the pressures of being the MD. I've been in 'those' Board meetings. I know what it's like to succeed and I know what it's like to fail. I have experience of growth transition, of mergers and of international business. The impact of corporate cultures fascinates me. I loved my time in the corporate world and now I'm ready to contribute in a new way - as an executive coach - so if you are looking for someone with great corporate credentials AND great coaching credentials - we should talk

Whether you are interested in talking to me about corporate coaching for yourself or for your business then give me a ring and we can discuss your needs. I can then put forward a proposal tailored to those needs and agree a time to meet



My charges will depend on the nature and the scale of your requirements





I coach clients privately and within business organisations

And who better to tell you what kind of coach I am than my clients

Here’s what my clients say about me

And here are some testimonials from my corporate clients

And if you want my opinion about what kind of coach I am – I’d say I’m a very ‘real’ coach. By 'real' I mean I don't feel the need to 'act' like a coach, I am a pretty down to earth kind of man and I bring that 'realism' to my coaching.

I have a successful track record in business, I've made a massive change in my own life to follow my own dream and am now happier and more fulfilled than at any time in my life. I want to share my own experience and use my coaching skills to help you become 'happier' with your life; at work, at home and at play. I have a big heart and a great sense of humour - I promise that coaching with me won't be dull!



People who want more, people who are prepared to take risks, people who question ‘the way it is’, people who want to make a difference, people who can see the funny side of things – especially when it gets serious, people who aren’t afraid to ask for help, people who love life - if that sounds like you - give me a call - I'd love to coach you

"Too many people die with their music still in them"

Oliver Wendell Holmes – Poet and Civil Rights Activist (1809-1894)

Don’t be one of them – give me call on +44 (0)121 350 7900


Tony Barton (photo)
Tony Barton
CTI Leader

(0)121 350 7900

07813 790186

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International Coach Federation Member

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