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Welcome to Red Kite World

Red Kite World is a fun place with lots of possibilities.

it's not perfect but it is full of life - and awards.

It's colourful, knowledgeable, inspiring and occasionally rather silly.

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On this website you'll find lots of information about coaching - whether you're looking for a coach and wondering where to start or you're looking for some coach training either for yourself or for your team.

You may want to know more about me and I can guarantee you'd love to know more about you! so take a look around and see what you can find out about us!

And if your music skips a beat at the thought of adventures and inspiration you might like to take a look here as well.

And finally you'll find links to other sites, some of which are useful, some inspiring and some are just there for fun.

To contact me you can email me but I'd much prefer it if you called me on +44 (0)7813 790186

And if you're in a on a kite and see what happens

There are inspirational kites on every page of this site.


Red Kite World

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Why Red Kite I hear you asking!

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Tony Barton
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